Our Quartets

Most barbershop choruses have a number of members who form their own quartets in addition to singing with the chorus. The Morris Music Men currently boast two such quartets. 


The Four Old Parts


4 Old Parts at Drew 2016.2


The Four Old Parts is a young-at-heart quartet whose venerable graybeards (only one of them actually sports a beard) have over 100 years of barbershopping experience among them. They love to perform, and are available for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, barn raisings, sheep shearings, revival meetings, tailgates, shivarees, flea markets, demolition derbies and bachelor-ette parties (Chippendale uniforms extra).


To book The Four Old Parts for your event, email tscullin@optimum.net or call 973-540-1648. 


Napoleon and the Bonaparts, Mid-Atlantic District 2017 Novice Quartet Champs


Napoleon and the Bonaparts


First the Morris County area a-capella music scene... then the world!


Yes, everyone's favorite dimunitive despot is back, and he's traded in bayonets for barbershop; it turns out that 200 or so years of exile means plenty of time to tune up your chords! Accompanied by a brand new eponymous posse, Monsieur Napoleon is taking no prisoners when it comes to annexing... er, pleasing any and all audiences, with his (mostly) loyal Bonaparts (almost) always prepared to ring forth his (more or less) every command with the very tightest harmony.


The Morris Music Men's newest quartet bids you a fond bienvenue, and promises not to come up short!  ...wait, let's rephrase that...


To book Napoleon and the Bonaparts for your event, email yodes89@gmail.com.

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